Happy New Year 2015!!

7:44:00 PM

It's the most wonderful time of the year, It's New Year!!!!!!!
2014 thank you for everything and welcome 2015!

What 2014 mean to me? Did I complete the task in 2014?
Hmmm~ 2014 not a special year for me, just normal instead of change.
much appreciate to all my friends, family members, my colleagues, all others people around me.
with cheerful days, angry days, depress days, crying days etc,, much thank you that you all can be with me!! :) I AM THE LUCKY ONE!!!

Although 2014 it's not a good year for Malaysia, but HOPEFULLY 2015 will brings good luck in this country!!!

Well, when the year comes to the end, (31st Dec) most of the people will go celebrate New Year. 
So do I!!
My cousin comes to my house celebrate New Year this time..... reason is....... he is alone....... ha!
Okay, actually, I am going to celebrate with my one besties, so just join in...........
We had buffet steamboat at Kepong. hmmm~ Kepong is quite far from my house and as you know that night is a special heavy traffic JAM for all the highway, BUT! It use to be smooth on the way along to Kepong when we heading to!!!! (Miracle right?)

These are the crazy face that we took! LOLzzzzzz

5,4,3,2,1~ Happy New Year!!!!!!

The firework sparkling at the sky from every part of it!!

It's 1/1/2015 noon, Our 1st gathering! Well, Jessica is going to fly off to KK Sabah for her wedding, And no longer staying at Kuala Lumpur. So, that's the reason of gathering~ lolz......
We know each other when Form 4 (16 years old?) gosh~~ we almost 8 years friends!!!
Time fly~ Anyway,
Happy marriage and stay sweet with your husband!!!!
love you!!!! 

We end up with a journey to find puppy mini poodle with this two besties~
Hope 2015 will be a good year for me!!

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