no matter ~

8:56:00 PM

doen't matter whom you are with;
doesn't matter where you are going;
don't you know i'm still waitting here for you and pray for you.

in the sunny days,sun will light your days;
in the windy days,wind will leave your way;
i have to say, you're my treasure moments;
never gonna walk away...

in the rainy days,rains will share my tears;
in the stormy days, storm will steal my pain;

just go your way any leave things all behind,
spread your wings and fly away...

i'm pretending you're mine,
i'm wishing you'll be fine,
the moments we share never die,
you've made a difference to my life,
and let me realize,
the feeling again....
deep inside....

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2 评论

  1. tqtq~~!!
    acturally tis is a song~
    i love tis song so much~