Girls' Generation - Party

12:54:00 PM


Hey girls! Do you know what time it is? 
It must be Party time!
 Here we go!

A voice over to start a song always goes to the 'English teacher' of the group member - Tiffany!

The rhythm and lyrics are very easy to remember;

''we can't stop stop stop yeogin (here) party time''
'' P-A-R-T-Y x 4, ''

''lemon, suju (korean beer), Tequila''

 I've repeat the songs 3 times and I can catch up and follow the song!

Girls' Generation bring us a new fresh performance with a Summer music video too!
The Music Video is shoot at a summer paradise Koh Samui - Thailand.

The Music Video shoot with 2 different scene.

In Daylight,
The girls with bikinis, enjoying cocktails and sunshine at the beach side.

At night,
The girls dancing at the pub enjoying the music and the people around them.

let's take a look with the New release Music Video - Party!


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