Merry Christmas 2014

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Hooo~ Hooo~ Hooo~!! Merry Christmas!!
It's Christmas!! WHOO!!! My favorite season of the year! 
Umm~December, the most busy month. Busy buying Chirstmas gift, and you know, It's also year end sales!!!!! Buying lost's of clothes for next year Chinese New Year.

Thank you my dear continue 2nd year celebrate Christmas with me!! love you!!

Pretty girl, long time no see! It's great to meet you with a happy sweet smile!! stay strong and stay happy!!! =)

Throwback lat night, Chirstmas eve!! thank you for spending my Chirstmas eve with you all!!!
no party, no much others friends beside, it just a peaceful and joyful dinner!! I really enjoy it!!!
Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!
really appreciate!!!

All I want for Chirstmas is..............
Cino + Reindeer!!!

All right, may all of you have a happy, joyful, warmly Christmas........
Share my favorite Christmas song in 2014 
Ariana Grande - Snow in California 

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