Another Eason's life concert in Malaysia 2016

11:26:00 AM

It's the 1st concert in 2016. Eason my admire singer in Hong Kong. Well, we bought the ticket since last year end, as you know the ticket is so hard to buy and we have to buy early. 

The concert held again at the same vanue Genting Star Arena. 

The seat we bought not so far yet but not near too. It's the corner portion of the concert. BUT I have to complain that the organizer who design the concert stage.

Did you saw that? The screen on the both side are blocked with the huge big column speaker! For the audience at side seat is not fair enough. Although it have the screen there, but it block! 
Please organizer! Please take care of the side audience seat. 

Now, the concert begin. 
He sang a lot of his popular songs. And of course, he dance with the fast songs too! 

Overall the concert are so valuable! He perform well in the concert! We had a great night! It is the 1st day concert and yet there still got 2 days of concert for him to carry on! Keep fighting!!! 

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