Pulau Ketam Jan 2015

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It's a first trip of 2015. 6 families trip with my dad's schoolmates with over 30 years friendship. The title of this trip is to celebrate their 50th birthday. ( They are same ages)
So, It's Pulau Ketam!
Pulau Ketam is not far from my house to the jetty, about half and hour.

Pulau Ketam is a small island near Klang.
It is a fish village and we were be there to caught fish and not less to have SEAFOOD!

It's a Sunny day, we are get rid of the speed boat!!

Tada!!!! This is the homestay we going to overnight!

All the houses build up with a pillar or tree trunk above the sea. 
A view of the our home stay.  

View from the home stay. It's a great view!

It's sunset, the view of our home stay.

It's dinner time!! The cake of celebrate their 30th friendship.
umm~ i hope one in the future day, i will celebrate 30th friendship with my besties too!!

What are the next generation do? haha! It's mahjiong time!
get addict!!
(it's not a good hobby, don't learn~) 

The next morning, 7.30am, SUNRISE, i'm lucky to see the sunrise as others are still sleeping~ ha!!

After the sunrise, walk out to the market looking for some local food for breakfast. Also get inhale some fresh air!!

Here is the pathway to the market!! 

Bicycle is the only transport for the villager. 

Reach the market!

The stall we had our breakfast. Since im hungry, so.......... forgot to take pic of the breakfast!

Had a great time in Pulau Ketam, with 2 days 1 night. It's a great place for relax and suitable for gathering with friend!

Will be here again with promise!!

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