10:25:00 PM

Yes.. It's 9th of April again. I'm glad to have over 10 years besties babes sweeties to help me celebrate my birthday. Thank you for the birthday cakes, the lovely birthday card and of course the most important thing is the kindness of the heart. I deeply received it! 

Treat people from the heart and you will get the same repay! 

Umm.. Time passed.. Everybody besides me telling me that you get older, we all get old, BUT try to think that what you learn these passes time? Are you actually get older? Not active then pass year? Friends all gone? 

But for me, it's not... 
It depends what you are chasing for your future. Some people likes to live alone, not to get married, they love being themselves. They like freedom. Some others like to stay close with family, wanted to build their own family. 
No matter what you want to be, please do not give up. 

Karaoke time for the late night! 

Happy birthday to me!

I'm not getting older but I grow wiser!

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