the new sunsilk perfect straight

10:46:00 AM

 Last Weekend, Walk on the street, a sale girl gift me a Sample of Sunsilk new hair product.
What a great news to a natural little curly hair I am!!

Just because i have a little curly hair, i am currently using Sunsilk smooth and silky product to straighten my hair just for a second how wish i am!

As a loyal Sunsilk customer, Sunsilk will use a unique colour to represent their product type.
This time, Sunsilk use a Violet colour to represent the new straight hair.

This is the sample i gift from the sweetly sale girl.

Take a deep look inside!

'Lock your straight hair, keep your hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries!'

Sweet Sunsilk gift each customer a sample of shampoo and conditioner!
The new product is co-created by Yuko Yamashita, the straight hair expert from Tokyo!

Now you can stay a Chance to win up to RM10,000!! 
Take up Sunsilk Beautifully Straight Challenge to get your Free Sample now as I do!!

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