Deepavali Holiday, chill with girls~

11:04:00 AM

Happy Deepavali to my Indian friends! And yet, it's public holiday again! (Scream!!!!)
Although it's just 1 day~ So, how do I spend my holiday? 
Hmm~  chill with my friends at Solaris Dutamas, KL. It such a lovely place with many unique restaurants, vintages stuff you can find there~
Actually, I had browse through internet to find which unique restaurant are good to explore~
Finally, we decided to go Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe and Bistro as our Lunch!

the signature flat white~


The legend of Bibi Rice Burger! You can choose with chicken or beef and the cost is (RM19.90)
ps. As it is cover by rice instead of bread on top, it will quite easy to mess up the whole burger. So, chop it gently!

Here is White Cream Omuto, also can be choose with chicken or prawn. Cost also same the rice burger (RM 19.90)

 Kimchi Pancake (RM19.90), actually the taste is a bit salty. Maybe because of the Kimchi?

The King's Bing Soo is a special ice-cream with a topping of salty taste. Some popcorn and mochi are totally different mouth taste!

The Sweet Potato Cake~ Hmm~ 
the taste like having a moon cake on your mouth, but the different is the cake is not as sweet as than moon cake~  

spend a lot of time with my besties!  
among the atmosphere, the environment, foods and staff.
The star to the Namoo Cafe i will rate is
5 Stars! 

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