Happy marriage~ my cousin sis~!

1:08:00 PM

A lovely marriage on 15th September 2014.
According to chinese calandar, it's a good day for marriage. As i browse through facebook, many of my friends attending their own siblings wedding too!
can't believe we same are height! 

seems the wedding location is out station (Setiawan), I've been invited to stay in a homestay they already prepared.

For the next day, i visit some places.

 The local food - Lor Mee
(look delicious but taste not so good, a little gravy~)

 After the satisfied Branch, our next station is visit the factory of Kg. Koh chili sauce.
(PS. my cousin sis in law siblings, is the Kg. Koh founder)
the making of Malaysia branded chili sauce - Kg. Koh

at last, it's my pleasure to attend this lovely and warmly wedding!
send my regards to both of love birds!
Happy marriage!


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