christmas ^^

3:40:00 PM

christmas celebrate wif family~
get many present~~

i thought once i change 2 teenager, there is nomore present 2 recieve~
but , santa gve me present~

tq ~
a happy n warm christmas party~~ ^^


jingle bell~ jingle bell~ jingle all the way ~~
last christmas i gve u my heart , n de very nxt day u gve it away~
tis year i save it from tears~ n gve it 2 someone special~~

love these songs so much ~~

i have a question~~

my friends who beside me~
i realize tat many ppl like 2 start 2 be couple on christmas?

mayb christmas is romance~

n i also hope tat my love will start on christmas too~~ ^^

mayb nxt year christmas??

who knows??


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