welcome 2010 ~~

10:57:00 PM

welcome 2010~
i really not feeling the year pass~
mayb i really getting lazy,coz i no work for so many days...

wat is my new target?

1. must find a new job. mayb daddy send me 2 singapore?although i not really want it, but
i can try 2 change myself be independence...sad~
the 2nd things is, i can buy things using my own money!!no need take poket money from dad
edii~~ ^^ love tis kind of feeling ~haha ^.^

2. i want 2 diet~!!!! i promise myself 2 get diet start from 2day...so tat i can wear my new year
clothes.. ^^

3. hope can find love on tis year~!! haha ~~ but somethg is keep forcing me~~ haiz~!!

4. everyone can love tis earth~ our earth is sick~ just make some recycle~make tis earth
more beautiful~ hope 2012 earth end not come 2 us!!! go away !! away from us!!!

**hope tis year is a lucky year 4 me ~~
**hope everythg going smooth tis year~~
**love my family~
**love my darling~~
**love my doggie~
**love everythg tats besides me~


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