buddies buffday ★

8:22:00 PM

whoo!!~~ its my buddies buffday!! siew and apple!!
before that, we decided to go sing k at neway lessure mall..
but its extremely expensive !! (over budget)


we decided go ' fan ok' !! (返屋企)
haha~! still meet my budget ^^

who attend ??
aiya~ guess also know la~
siew, apple, foong ming, yuen teng, yee teng, aaron & me ~ LOL! =="

but its special here~
foong ming make some cup cake !!
replace the buffday cake~

special right? hehe~~
cause we thought that if brought a half kg cake, not everyone likes to eat cake~
secondly, we had eat meal before this~
so, make a small cup cake its suitable for us~~!! ♥

nice right??
delicious too!! blueberry flavor~

da la~~!! siew and apple!!!
siew 20th, apple 21th!~

yee teng~ long time didn't see you already~ must take photo la~ ^^

two buffday gals ~

happy birthday two !!~~


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