buddy big day♥

8:13:00 PM

chin's buffday last week..
actually her buffday on14th,but we celebrate on 15th
quite sorry ~..~
she call me on wed night, ask wanna yam cha anot..
then i reply: izit celebrate ur buffday?? lol.
what a stupid question!!!
anyway, i attended~
im a bit late..
so all friend had reached
paiseh la~~
actually quite tired at that time...
but i had promise her i will go.
GO LO!!!

buffday must have a buff day cake ma!!!
yohoo~ buffday girl~

group photo time~~

photo time !

haha~ nice??
we leave at 11pm quite fast~
coz im really really sleepy !!
i miss my bed so much!~
so gd nite!!!

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