lang tengah island !!♥

9:33:00 PM

oh yeah!! reach pulau lang tengah island!!

haha~ this is our ....aiya don't know how many trip we had go.

This trip is my lovely daddy's friend organize~


ok, now go to our topic.
we start our trip on 27th aug.

couse that day is public holiday only on selangor,perak,kedah,pahang...


not at KL... i have to take leave~!

agrhhh!!! fine!!

we meet at Karak highway's Shell petrol station.

some family had reach~


long time didn't meet~

after meeting,start our journey!!

all the way north to Kuantan, Tengganu.

luckly our car have small tv to watch DVD.

if not, pengsan lol~~

we watch Stephen Chow(周星驰)movie~

2 movies we had watch!~

haha~ funny movie,although we had watched 5 times. =="


The water is clear and the sand is clean~
lets take a photo with our resort!!~
we stay here for 3 days 2 night~
we had a lot of fun here~!!

this is the boat which sent us to the pulau~
(nice or not?)
ps* not so.... (laugh)

lastly~must take a group photo for the ending!!!~~

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