happy CNY

9:49:00 PM

yesterday got many dogs come grooming~
damn tired!!
actually got one more groomer...
but she went back hometown earily then me~
so left me there~
yesterday got 17 dogs come~
luckly, my lady boss come in and help me groom~
she groom basic, i groom full~
thanks for the help!!
today 5 in the morning dad woke me up~
start our journey back hometown~
we need to go back earily coz escape those stupid highway jam!
but .....
still got a little bit jam!
come back ipoh home is almost 8.45am...
we suck at the stupid jam since 1/half hour..
cant even sleep well in the car...
damn sleepy!
5.30pm come up~
when i just go into bath room and take my shower,
dad ask us quickly close our door ~
then he said got a snake slip into the house!!!
i quickly come out from the bath room~
although the snake was not in the bath room,
but at that moment, i cant think so much ,
the 1st thing is run!!!
one of my uncle call bomba~
2 bomba man came lately~
the bomba man catch the snake spend 10minute only~
our reunion dinner menu is lobster!!!!
im full now!!!!
this is my CNY eve!!

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